Richard E Thom
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Location (city,state): Mesa, Arizona

Open to Relocation?: No

Work Experience: I have 16 years of experience with a mega bank doing both project management and managing teams. I did at one time manage two different teams of project managers at the same time (one in the US, one in India). Most experience is in an Agile environment, but I am perfectly comfortable in a traditional project management environment as well. I can also mix the two as needed.

My niche expertise is in the payments industry (credit/debit cards, wallets, etc). As such, I have wide experience managing projects that are IT, Engineering, Networking or Data Center (physical and cloud) related. I have worked with all of the Fortune 100 companies, and am able to meld both technological needs with profit/revenue needs.

Education: I have a bachelor's from Arizona State University in Business Management and Economics

Skills: Organizing, Coordinating, Collaborating, and finishing projects.

PMP terminology, tools, principles

Agile terminology, tools, principles

Microsoft Project





Service Desk

Certifications: Krav Maga Black Belt

Salary Requirement: $95,000.00

Salary per: Year

Being based doesn't mesh well with mega banks. I made it clear that I wouldn't be getting vaccinated and I had no fear of being around other people. As a result, I was laid off when a re-org happened. I decided to retire, but would love to lend my skills to a based company that needs something organized.

I am happy working as a contractor and I don't need benefits.

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