Heather S. Whelan
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Location (city,state): Ozark, Alabama

Open to Relocation?: Yes

Work Experience:
Special Agent October 2008 - Present
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Mobile Division, Dothan Residence Agency, Feb. 2017- Presently assigned to a violent crime squad that includes bank robberies, criminal gangs and enterprise, violent crimes against children, kidnapping, human trafficking, and drugs. My primary focus is crimes against children, that provides a rapid, proactive, and comprehensive ability to counter all threats of abuse and exploitation to children when those crimes fall under the authority of the FBI;
Identify, locate, and recover child victims; and strengthen relationships between the FBI and federal, state, local, tribal, and international law enforcement partners to identify, prioritize, investigate, and deter individuals and criminal networks exploiting children. The Violent Crimes Against Children program works to decrease the vulnerability of children to sexual exploitation.  I am also a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC), a national network of 61 coordinated task forces representing over 4,500 federal, state, and local law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies. These agencies are continually engaged in proactive and reactive investigations and prosecutions of persons involved in child abuse and exploitation involving the internet.

Philadelphia Division, May 2009 – Feb. 2017. Assigned to a counterintelligence squad (2009-2011) which entails protecting the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage. It accomplishes the mission of hunting spies and preventing espionage through the use of investigation and interaction with local law enforcement and other members of the United States Intelligence Community. Surveillance operation group (SOG) squad (2011-2012), SOG gathers intelligence and following subjects on foot, in a vehicle, on public transportation, or otherwise as needed. Drug and gang squad (2012-2017), pursue violent gangs through sustained, proactive, coordinated investigations to obtain prosecutions on violations such as racketeering, drug conspiracy, and firearms violations. The Safe Streets Task Force concept expands cooperation and communication among federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, increasing productivity and avoiding duplication of investigative efforts.

One of the key facets of a Safe Streets Task Force is the Enterprise Theory of Investigation (ETI). Combining short term, street level enforcement activity with such sophisticated techniques as consensual monitoring, financial analysis, and Title III wire intercepts investigations using ETI aim to root out and prosecute the entire gang. The ETI has proven how effective federal racketeering, drug conspiracy, and firearms investigations can be, whether it is providing the incentive for witnesses to cooperate or imprisoning the gang’s leaders for decades.

FBI Academy, Quantico and TDY to Washington Field Office, Oct. 2008- May 2009
** Completed an active duty tour (July 2012- May 2013) – Kabul, AFG - Served as the Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) Development Cell's senior Military Intelligence (MI) officer in support of the Deputy Commander-Special Operations Forces (DCOM-SOF)/NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A). Directly responsible for the development and coordination of all Afghan SOF enabler programs focused on increasing intelligence capacity within the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC). Generated conceptual plans required for the development, coordination, and execution of the stand-up of the Afghan Special Forces Advanced Military Intelligence School (ASFMIS) and the ANASOC Military Intelligence Kandak (MIK). As the ANSF Development  Cell's senior intelligence officer, I spent countless hours assisting in the establishment of the Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC) Advanced Intelligence School and Intelligence Basic Course. These efforts provided critical enabling capability for ANASOC.  As part of these duties, I supervised 13 contractors and procured more than $400,000 worth of equipment for the MI School at Sia Sang. Conducted more than 20 Military Intelligence Key Leader Engagements with ANA Officers to synchronize efforts to develop Afghan SOF intelligence capabilities in accordance with Afghan doctrine. As part of my duties, I was constantly on missions in the Kabul area, exposed to dangers in routes, vulnerable to Improvised Explosive Devices, small arms fire and suicide bombers.

Defense Intelligence Agency May 2006 – October 2008
US Army Reserves, Commissioned Service
Greater Washington D.C.

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Boiling AFB, Washington DC/Defense HUMINT/ Operating Base National Capital Region (OBNCR) (Apr 07 – Oct 08) Individual Ready Reserve member (IRR) serving on an Active Duty for Training(ADT) as the Executive Officer (XO) for the Global Operations Division, Directorate for Human Intelligence(DHO4) and Joint Reserve Manager (JRU) for DHO4, one of the largest of the Defense Intelligence Agency's Directorate of Operations subordinate commands.  Within the scope of the commander’s guidance, operated independently and briefed the commander on highlights, as necessary. Reviewed operational deployment requirements and assessed staff capabilities to match assets to needs.  Maintained a deployment matrix to track these assignments.  Coordinated reserve support to the entire command, monitoring routine duty as well as mobilization.  Coordinated and monitored activation orders, and deployment orders.

Boiling AFB (May 06 – Feb 07) Washington DC/Defense HUMINT w/ 6 months in Afghanistan (Bagram AFB) as Executive Officer for Detachment Bagram, the Defense Intelligence Agency, Directorate for Human Intelligence (DH) platform charged with conducting DH collection operations throughout Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Responsible for planning, organizing, and supervising all administrative, operational, logistical, communications, and training support to the Detachment's nine Department of Defense civilian and two military personnel in support of and to facilitate Detachment Bagram collection activities. Travel from Bagram to Kabul to provide security and support for detachment personnel, liaise with Combined/ Joint Task Force 76 staff elements on Bagram Airfield. Plan, organized and supervised  the execution of the-maintenance program for Detachment's seven non-tactical vehicles and ,facilities. Supervise activities of the Detachment Linguist. Inherited a dysfunctional administrative, logistic and maintenance program, reworked it to excellence and became key player in the Detachment's operations. Ensured the Detachment's weapons, vehicles and other sensitive item of equipment valued at more than $800K were properly accounted for and maintained. Planned and executed convoy missions, conducted during a time that saw a-four-fold increase in insurgent and suicide bomber attacks over those executed the prior year, in support of Detachment intelligence collection operations. H r thorough planning and execution resulted in the successful completion of more than 25 vehicle convoys which traveled more than 3,500 kilometers, with all personnel. returning safely and without incident.

Joint Reserve Intelligence Support Element
(JRISE), Ft. Gillem, GA

Oct 05– Apr 06 (IDT’s, ADT, AT’s) with a tour at the Joint Expeditionary Support Project (JESP) and Joint Analysis Center (JAC),Molesworth, England. Served as a Strategic Intelligence Officer and Supervisory Production Officer for the Joint Expeditionary Warfare Support Planners (JESP). Responsible for providing packages to the JESP in support of US European Command (EUCOM)-Joint Analysis Center (JAC). Responsible for supervision and quality control of production projects completed by JESP personnel (currently 10 junior enlisted- Navy). Taskings include: research, development and coordination of all source information to provide the war fighter with essential information regarding military capabilities tactical operations in the AOR. Management of specific production assignment in order to maintain overall schedule for JESP annual requirements. Rapidly acquired imagery analysis skills and flawlessly applied them in  daily assignments. Contributed significantly to the production of three JESP products to be used by the gaining command. Produced three route descriptions; annotated 26 assembly area images; and performed quality control review on four helicopter landing zone targets.

Military Intelligence Readiness                   
Command (MIRC),  Ft. Gillem

Jun 05 – Sept 05 (ADT) Serve as a project officer for the G7, Military Intelligence Readiness Command.  Coordinate with the G7, G7 staff, MIRC staff and external commands and agencies to complete assigned projects.  Specific duties and responsibilities include completion of draft MIRC Reg 350-1, MOSQ readiness analysis, assist in collective training management inputs to the Unit Training System, and other duties as assigned. Successfully completed all assigned tasks associated with completing the first MI Readiness Command Regulation 350-1 for unit training, key in completing various MOSQ analysis, and assisted in making the MI Readiness Command’s first training inputs to the Unit Training System

Anteon Corporation
Ft. Huachuca,
Sierra Vista, AZ

Jan. 2005- June 2005 served as a 97B instructor. Presented education/training on all-source intelligence collection, analysis, processing and dissemination. Evaluated student academic performance and provides performance counseling and reports. Provided counseling to students and assists students towards successful course completion.


Fully proficient in the use of various intelligence aggregation and analysis programs, portals, and tools to include:
・SIPR/JWICS-based search tools common to the IC
・Expert knowledge of Microsoft Office suite (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Word)
・Expert knowledge Adobe Master Collection to include PhotoShop

Education: University of West Georgia – BS Degree in Criminology and Sociology, 2003

• 2021 – FBI – Law Enforcement Training for Safety & Survival (16 hours)
• 2019 – FBI – Behavioral Analysis Unit Coordinator Basic (24 Hours)
• 2018 – GBI- ICAC- Undercover Chat investigation course (24 hours)
• 2016 - US Army Command and General Staff College (ILE)
• 2012 – Northeast Counterdrug Training Center – Interview and Interrogation Course (24 Hours)
• 2011 - US Army Intelligence Officer Advanced Course (200 hours)
• 2010- FBI Advanced Counterintelligence Interviewing Course (40 hours)
• 2009- FBI Counterintelligence Investigation and Operations Course (160 hours)
• 2008- Defense Strategic Debriefing Course (40 hours)
• 2005 - US Army Intelligence Officer Basic Course (6 months)

Experienced operations planner and analyst with more than 15 years of experience. Unique intelligence and operations experience across a spectrum of intelligence assignments. Worked with a variety of joint capabilities units to include NATO counterparts. Known for novel and creative solutions to niche and non-standard problems requiring complicated interagency and private sector partnerships. Proven results in successful joint, interagency team and organization building. Experienced investigator with 13 years law enforcement experience in a variety of assignments and locations.  Proficient at engaging, supporting, and operating with local and state initiates in a variety of situations.

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