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Location (city,state): Massachusetts

Open to Relocation?: No

Work Experience: I have worked in advanced Manufacturing Since graduating HS in '15.

Education: High School.

College drop out. The monopoly on information is coming to an end.

Consistently learning everyday via CTF's, Certifaction materials, Coding etc using my home lab.

Skills: Knowledge of TCP/IP, OSI Model, NAT, Port Forwarding, etc.

Knowledge of Linux and Windows Operating System

Can comfortably write scripts with Python. Have experience with PowerShell & Bash

VMware, Wireshark, Process Hacker, Nmap, Metasploit

Certifications: Finishing Network+ soon.

Salary Requirement: $40,000.00

Currently looking for an entry level role in information technology to gain experience with an enterprise network before moving into a security related roll.

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