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Location (city,state): Ashtabula, OH

Education: Some College

Skills: Name it, I am already proficient in it or willing and able to learn it quickly. 

Certifications: Tow motor, CPR, LifeGuard. 

Salary Requirement: $16.00

Salary per: Hour

Just a conservative looking for a decent job requiring honest work for honest pay/benefits. I learn faster than most and often improve on the process if given free reign to do so. I work well in groups or alone and I have a resume a mile long with lots of varied experience. That might seem like a red flag to most employers but each case had different circumstances in a young life full of change every other month. Moving, military, overseas, new family, etc. All easily explained if given the chance. Please consider me if in my area or even if not if relocation aid is available. Wanting to find a good job to grow roots in for the remainder of my time here on Earth. Thank you for your consideration regardless and God bless. 

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